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Get More than a Colorful Pocket Square

When you see a colorful pocket square, it might add character to the surrounding suit, but I believe that my art can take that idea much further than simple fashion sense. People take notice of unique design, especially when it’s not afraid to embrace a plethora of colors and other exciting elements in a way that’s elevated and intentional. That’s what makes my work special.

I strive to build elegance out of what others might see as creative entropy. Pulling intent out of disorder, I create men’s silk pocket squares and other pieces of art from influences that remix nostalgia, new-age innovation, and timeless fascination with the evocative power of color. Wearing or decorating your space with one of my creations sets you apart by establishing your interest in the vibrancy of the world around you.

In every creation, I strive for bold, attention-grabbing visuals that let the viewer’s own history and personality inform a district relationship with the piece. In short, my pocket squares for sale and other products create instant connections and associations that make any space around them into a conversation piece. Whether you love art or want to diversify your personal style, I’m here to provide the right creations for the job.

'The Road Runner' Oil on Canvas Painting

'Mighty Mouse Trying To Catch The Road Runner' Oil on Canvas Painting

Artist Statement

I create a visual language rooted in childhood memories of watching cartoons on television and reading American Comic books. I digitally alter scanned images from multiple Comic Books and those of cartoon characters. I appropriate them and transform them into my imagery, influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. The resulting densely layered compositions serve as a platform where those memorable cartoon characters can be re-born.

Comic Abstractions

As a professional impressionist artist and painter, I coined the term "Comic Abstractions" to fully describe what I do. My process starts with oil paints, and I've recently been layering and using mixed media, including spray paint and textured materials. Additionally, I am also interested in incorporating technology and software into the artistic process.

'Pollock and Thor encounter the Silver Surfer' Oil on Canvas Painting

'Mickey' Oil on Canvas Painting

Purchase a Piece

Contact me to inquire about pricing, and availability, if you are interested about purchasing one of my works of art. Please note that while I love collaborating with my clients, I do not do commissioned work from scratch. I do make prints on commission, if you like one of my pieces, I can work with you to add special elements that you like, the material to be printed on, and the required size if applicable.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the galleries where my work is on display for purchase. These galleries are Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas and the Erdreich White Fine Art Gallery in Boston.